The Team

All our team members have experienced at least one, but often several, international experiences that profoundly changed the way they view the world and themselves.
In their own way, they are all committed, involved, enthusiastic and ready to help anyway they can. And, of course, they all committed to helping young people learn differently, figure out what comes next, and feel good about their choices and themselves.
Learn more about our team members and why they are doing all they can to make this program YOUR adventure and the door leading to your bright, exciting future!

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florence lebois

Florence Lebois

Program Director

Creative and super positive, Florence will help you reach for the stars if that’s what you want and you really believe in your dreams! She goes non-stop and absolutely loves travelling and meeting new people. With her friendly yet direct personality, Florence has brought together team of dynamic, complementary, and caring individuals.

dominique bert

Dominique Bert

Director of International Development

Dominique is outgoing and active and always has a smile on her face. She is determined and never gives up once she has set her mind on something - A true entrepreneurial spirit! Fond of sports since she was a child, Dominique has a particular love for the mountains that she will gladly share with you!

Both Florence and Dominique have spent many years living in the United States as expats; since returning to France, they have brought real added value to the team in terms of their multicultural approach, open-minded attitude, and international networks and contacts.


antonie desprez

Antonie Desprez

Director of Development France

100% committed and loyal, Antonie attaches great importance to giving her all to projects that make sense to her. Her ability to bounce back and her desire to learn keep her constantly moving forward – complacency is a word she has never heard of! Right after high school graduation, Antonie started out on her own international adventure and somewhere between London and New York, she discovered a passion for serving others. Her main goal every day? Putting a smile on your face!


Larhi Miharantsoa

Development and Digital Marketing Assistant

Compassionate by nature, Larhi places great importance on understanding people and the way they view the world. Always available for others and a great listener, he seems have all the makings of a great negotiator. Larhi loves all sports in general but would choose football if he had to choose just one. And, he definitely knows what it means to be part of a team.

Antonie and Larhi know what they’re talking about when it comes to the advantages of taking a year off to travel internationally. They both had the experience to do just that through two different professional experiences that significantly impacted their way of seeing the world and helped them learn more about themselves.