The Groupe IGS

An independent umbrella group of non-profit organizations, the Groupe IGS provides educational solutions to all members of the public through 5 training options: schools, continuing education, work-studying training programs, traineeships and professional integration.

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Since 1975, its values such as Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism have nourished both its development and the pedagogy employed in its schools:

As humanists, we believe in each person’s ability to reach their professional and personal objectives, regardless of their background and origins, in order to transform their challenges into success stories.

As entrepreneurs and pioneers, we created the human resources report in 1976 and invented traineeship programs in service-industry professions in 1980. Since then, several thousands of young people have benefited from this professionalizing education in order to directly access employment.

As professionals, our programs are designed in close liaison with companies. They all grant a large role to art, culture, community involvement and international open-mindedness.

Our permanent goal: guarantee successful professional integration and sustainable employability for all of our students and learners. It is this philosophy, anchored in an academic system, which has led the Groupe IGS to design a multidisciplinary offer with 8 business and skill-developing programs providing degrees and professional credentials certified by the French government:

Each of our human-sized schools embodies our values of Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism, thanks to an education based on guidance, encouragement and program individualization.

This commitment has convinced more than 9,000 companies to partner with the Groupe IGS establishments in order to train their future employees and encourage their potential.



  • More than 45 years of educational innovation
  • 10 schools
  • 5 apprenticeship training centers
  • 75 alumni including 20 000 in RH positions
  • 9 000 Partner companies
  • 3 campuses in France + an international & european network
  • 8 skill end business expertise sectors
  • More than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs
  • More than 100 partener universities in France and abroad
  • 15 000 people educated per year, including 9 300 work-study training students and trainees
  • A network of 3000 professors, guest speakers, tutor and professional experts
  • 3 incubators and 1 third party educational facility including Learning Lab and Fab Lab
  • A high quality instructor training offer
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