Our Partners Abroad

Groupe IGS, a leader in higher education in France, has developed a network of partner universities throughout the world.
As a participant in the TAKE ME UP program, you will have access to Groupe IGS’s partners and the international opportunities they represent.

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In Europe


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St. Petersburg State University of Economics also known as UNECON is one of the leading Russian universities with 90-year experience in educating top professionals in economics and management. UNECON central St. Petersburg’s location means that all excitement of a major city - its lavish architecture, high art and wild nightlife - is up close from the place of study. 

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The University of Alcala offers Spanish language and culture classes. Other courses taught in English or in Spanish are also available.
The University of Alcala, which is registered as a historical monument in its own right, is located in the city of Alcala, a World Heritage Site, only 30 minutes from Madrid.

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Do you have a passion? Learn Italian in Italy while exploring your creativity in the arts, music, cooking, culture and much more! 
Centro Studi Italiani is located in the charming city of Urbania in the stunning Marche Region of central Italy. 
Guided excursion opportunities around Italy are available throughout your stay.

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United States

EDMONDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE:                                            

Located near Seattle, the college offers you the choice of English language courses or, if your level of English is sufficient, college-level courses. You will also have an opportunity to work as a volunteer in one of the many associations on campus for a total immersion experience!

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Take English classes or college-level courses, experience life on an American college campus, and enjoy California’s beaches and beautiful weather all year round!

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Discover what it’s like to live on an American college campus in this small town located only 2 hours south of Chicago. Remembered as the city of Al Capone and the Blues Brothers, Chicago today has become the New Orleans of the north with its jazz bars and is referred to a one of the most beautiful cities in the US. It’s the perfect place to combine a language and cultural immersion experience!

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